Inventory Control Software for Manufacturing, Warehouse and Distribution management
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Stand-Alone Inventory
                 Warehouse, Distribution and Manufacturing Inventory Control Software
New!   Version 7.0 now shipping
Enterprise Solutions for large companies using Windows, SQL or Oracle
 QuickBooks or PeachTree options for small to mid-size companies
Inventory software development for Warehousing, Distribution and Manufacturing
Since our inception as one of NASA's Incubation Businesses, Infotech�s AMICS inventory software has become increasingly popular with assembly and process manufacturing companies of all sizes. Our inventory software is used stand-alone for warehouse inventory management and also for integrated distribution or manufacturing processing. We were recognized by the Economic Development Commission in 1996 for our "growth and contribution to business development". We are active members of our local and national Manufacturing Associations. Our customers receive proven, ready-to-use software, expert training, customization and fast, courteous support.

Control spending, cut inventory costs, increase productivity, complete tasks on time!
You're a competitor. And fast accurate information must be at your fingertips, any time ... all the time, if you want to stay competitive. With Amics on the job, you'll have your information when you need it ... in a format you can understand ... with all the most recent data included.

Select the AMICS modules you need to �
Manage, Receive and Ship Warehouse Inventory within Multiple locations
Issue and track materials to locations, jobs, work orders.
Improve speed and accuracy with our BarCode reading and printing options.
Process Orders and better maintain your Inventory.
Send Quotes, Order Confirmations, Shipping Advice, RFQs and reports via eMail or fax.
Be Alerted of Re-Order needs, Materials Shortage, Due Dates, Cost Changes, etc.
Plan for Assemblies or Processes with our BOMs, MRPs, Capacity Planning, etc. reporting.
Issue Work Orders with all the components, routing and instructions your shop needs.
Process Changes from Customers or Engineering
Allow certain customers Internet access 24/7 using our eAmics module.
Manage RMAs, Repairs, Warranty Service and Returns
Manage Government furnished materials and contracts including lot tracability.
Produce Status and Historical Reports from Sales, Inventory, Production and Purchasing.
Review history of all AMICS postings and their Accounting Journals and Audit Trails
    send data to Accounting programs such as QuickBooks and PeachTree.

AMICS works with Windows, Novell, most networks, Oracle and SQL servers
AMICS is ODBC based allowing data exchange with Access, Excel, Crystal Reports and others.

AMICS saves you time and money. AMICS is affordable and usually pays for itself within the first year of operation.

We invite you to inquire about AMICS solutions for your particular needs, whether for a single-user stand alone module or a fully integrated, multi-user system. You will soon see why other companies have switched to AMICS.